Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sadananda Gowda will be new CM of Karnataka
sadananda gowda

Bangalore (3 Aug 11): Sadananda Gowda, 58, is an MP from Udupi Chikmagalur will be Karnataka's new Chief Minister.Gowda has also been an MLA and deputy leader of the Opposition in the Karnataka Assembly.

The BJP's 121 MLAs voted for Gowda through secret ballot at a legislature party meeting held at Bangalore's Capitol Hotel on Wednesday afternoon. BJP leaders Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh supervised the voting.

Earlier, MLAs were seen arriving in buses, cheering for Yeddyurappa. Another lot showed up brandishing the Victory sign - they were part of a camp of about 50 MLAs led by Ananth Kumar. The meeting was delayed as each leader sought to convince the central leaders that his man be the next CM. So divided is the BJP at the moment that there were differences even in the way the two camps wanted the voting done - the Yeddyurappa camp wanted open voting while the Ananth kumar camp favoured the secret ballot.

Mr Yeddyurappa quit on Sunday, days after the Santosh Hegde`s report on illegal mining severely indicted him and his family. In all that, Mr Yeddyurappa also made clear that while he was acceding to party wishes that he quit, only a person of his choice should be his successor.

santhosh hegde
The two rival BJP groups had been huddled in two different luxury hotels of Bangalore and each insisted that their man would be the next CM. Mr Yeddyurappa's group was quite sanguine that Sadananda Gowda would be picked.

Mr Yeddyurappa belongs to the powerful and dominant Lingayat community. The Ananth Kumar camp wanted Jagadish Shettar, also a Lingayat, to be CM to neutralise Mr Yeddyurappa's indubitable influence. On the other side, the Yeddyurappa camp was pushing for Sadananda Gowda, who is a Vokkaliga, another dominant community. Gowda in the saddle would also mean that Mr Yeddyurappa would remain the Lingayat strongman.

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